Plug Your Ride Tesla Podcast

Episode 120: Model 3 Lease Rates Drop

If you wanna help out our buddy Craig's cause get the details here - The Cooper Foundation

Leases on Model 3 get cheaper... with a hefty down payment, IL proposes $1K EV fee and what's up with the Twitter sass?

Episode 119: Ticket That ICEhole

CO passes EV parking law and Canada gets the Model 3 no one wants

Sean Mitchell of the Denver Tesla Club tells us about getting the bill passed that makes it illegal to park in front of a posted EV charger. Check out Sean's site at


We MUST make Steaktacular a thing! 

Episode 118: I’d Like To Buy A Vowel Please

RoboTaxis, Even MORE Range and FREE Ludicrous Mode. Plus, sorry about your stock. 

Episode 117: Autonomy Event

Tesla shows off autonomy to investors, a restraining order on a short and Model 3 inventory now available.

Tesla had to get a restraining order against a short-seller who is trying to dangerously disrupt their progress. You can read the full complaint here

Great interview with Elon about autonomy here

Episode 116: Random Reboots

Enhanced Summon pushed back (SHOCKER), more price changes and leasing comes to Model 3


Episode 115: Window Lickers

Enhanced Summon is coming this week and Eddie's back on social media. Lord help us. 

Episode 114: Sentry Makes A Bust

Sentry Mode catches a vandal, Tesla winning in Germany and a beefy tease about the pickup

Episode 113: Referrals Are Back

A more reasonable referral program, Chrome is coming and delivery hell AGAIN?

Episode 112: A Very Modely Episode

It's ALL about the Model Y this week!

Episode 111: Model Y Reveal This Week

Model Y unveiling includes Easter egg, 35K Model 3 delay and some stores stay open