Plug Your Ride Tesla Podcast

Episode 102: Where’s MY 2 Grand?

Tesla slashes prices, Siri is an idiot


Episode 101: Happy New Year

New app update, new firmware and same old door unlocking issues

Episode 100!

Roxanne's first road trip, Tesla sells almost 600K in Nov. and lost of listener mail this week. 


Here's that long read about self-driving vehicles -

Episode 99: Angry Jerking

Update 46.2 has AP driving like a drunken sailor, some Europeans get to order Model 3

If you're smarter than us this should be some light reading...


Episode 98: OPEN MY DOOR!

The $800 phone still won't open the car. And congrats to Tesla on 1,000 Model 3 in a day

Episode 97: Bluetooth Blues Gone

Upgrading the iPhone DOES make a difference and still time to get that $7500 credit

Episode 96: Happy Thanksgiving

Some tips for holiday road trips and no more free Supercharging

Great article about Model 3 here 

Episode 95: Buttock Flesh

We figure out why the phone isn't unlocking the car. Also Tessa goes bye bye.

Episode 94: AP on Sale

Elon is nothing. Autopilot is on sale. BUY NOW

Episode 93: Halloween Treats

An update to v9 brings Nav on Autopilot and now you can put your rearview cam up top again. 

18 Nasty Charts