Plug Your Ride Tesla Podcast

Episode 49 - Trip Planner Showdown

December 12, 2017

Made the annual Festivus road trip this weekend and decided it would be a good test for the trip planning options. 

The winner: 
Of the two sites, EVTripping came closer to predicting the needed charge. My old favorite, EVTripPlanner didn't plan enough energy reserve and, on one leg, didn't even recommend enough charge to make the leg! But, my favorite planner is now... the Nav planner in the Tesla. Just put in the destination and charge until the car says go! It's pretty accurate but I find that I lose about 5% immediately after getting back on the road. So, if you want to arrive with 15% let it charge to 20. 


Anheuser-Busch has ordered 40 Tesla Semis! That brings the total to over 200 orders.
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Forbes has named Tesla Model X 100D as its Car of the Year.
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A UK insurance company has begun offering a discount for Teslas with Autopilot enabled.
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Things are looking up for Model 3 production with several indicators that more reservations are being converted to orders.
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Tesla has won a court battle that allows them to return to the state of Missouri.
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Tip of the Week

Have you used Camper Mode? Did the sun get in your eyes? Here's a great hack! 


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