Plug Your Ride Tesla Podcast

Episode 48 - Roadsters In Space

December 3, 2017

Got a road trip coming up this weekend! Excited to spend about 15 hours in the Tesla! 


Oh Elon's tweets...


Looks like the Boring Company is going to pitch for a Chicago Downtown to O'Hare loop. 
Read more at Electrek

Elon Musk has two fo the top 5 places to work in the tech industry!


Motor Trend got its hands on a Model 3 and ran its comprehensive tests on it. 
Check out the details here

Panasonic is stepping up battery production, which should speed up Model 3 production.
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More bad news at Faraday Future as they lose ANOTHER executive. The Verge reports no one is even showing up for work anymore!
Read more at The Verge 

Meanwhile, over at Lucid they are moving into beautiful new offices. Follow the link to check out some nice pics of the new digs. 
Read more at Electrek

Tip of the Week

Put on a holiday show with your Model X! 

  • Press and hold the Tesla “T” for 5 seconds
  • When the “PLEASE ENTER ACCESS CODE” prompt appears, enter the code “holiday” or “ModelXmas” and press “OK”
  • A prompt will appear that reads “The show will begin after you exit the car, close all doors and press the lock button on the key. The show requires 6 feet of space above and around the vehicle.”
  • Step out of the car and enjoy the show!


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