Plug Your Ride Tesla Podcast

Episode 45 - Tire Pressure Low

November 13, 2017

Welcome to winter... home of the low tire pressure warning light! 

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It's finally here! The Tesla semi truck reveal is this Thursday. You should be able to watch the live stream at starting at 8PM Pacific. Elon promises to blow your mind! 

Tesla is working on new maps. A hacker has found new open-source maps hidden in the latest update. 
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Tesla has purchased a company that makes some of the automation they use to make cars. 
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Good news for 100D owners. Looks like YOU can get "uncorked" now for quicker acceleration. And it looks like owners are getting more than promised. Check out the video below. 

A company has made a hydrogen powered Tesla Model S, doubling it's rang to over 600 miles on a full charge and full tank of H.
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Things are looking even more grim at Faraday Future as they lose their CTO and CFO, both recent hires. Insiders are saying the company's days are numbered.
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Tip of the Week

The latest version of the Tesla iOS app integrates Siri! All I can get her to do is lock and unlock the car, but that's pretty stinking cool! Let me know if you find any other skills! 


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