Plug Your Ride Tesla Podcast

Episode 43 - Solid

October 30, 2017

Warning: I had a bad day trying to listen to podcasts so this is a bit of a rant. But, seriously, how crappy can that center screen be???


This guy has documented all the issues he's had with his Model S. Now, I may have had some of those issues but he is pretty picky. What do you think?? 

Over 2,500 Model 3 VINs have been issued by NHTSA. 
Read more at Teslarati

UAW has filed a complaint against Tesla. 
Read more at Fast Company

Europe's largest Supercharger is being built in Norway. 
Read more at Electrek

An update on Puerto Rico relief efforts and how Tesla is helping. 
Read more at Yahoo

Tip of the Week

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