Plug Your Ride Tesla Podcast

Episode 42 - 10K Each?

October 27, 2017

I've decided that if I want to stay up to date with ALL the changes Tesla makes to ALL the models, I need one of each. If each of you sends $10,000 I can buy them. Or. more likely, I'll just keep reading a lot. 


Tesla has reached an agreement with the Chinese government to build a giant factory in Shanghai.
Read more at The Verge

Tesla lashes out at Consumer Reports after they give Model 3 an "average" rating without even testing the car. CR lashes back. Tesla lashes again. Lots of lashing. 
Read more at USA Today

An over-the-air update on AP 2.5 cars raises automatic emergency braking speeds from 50 mph to 90 mph. 
Read more at Electrek

Your 75D may be eleigible for a free upgrade that shaves a second off your 0-60 time. But you gotta ask your Service Center is your car is eligible. Get your VIN ready and hit them up!
Read more at Electrek

Tesla confirms... there is NO free Supercharging included when you buy a Model 3. 
Read more at Electrek

Imagine... you're watching the football game on Sunday and your Tesla runs out to drive people around for money! It could happen. 
Read more at Reuters

Tip of the Week

We got a letter from a Model S owner whose wallet got lost in the center console. 

I've been using a combination wallet/iPhone case and it's great. If you lose your wallet, it has Find My iPhone on it! You can find them pretty cheap on Amazon. 


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