Plug Your Ride Tesla Podcast

Episode 36 - Hurricanes!

September 11, 2017

Our thoughts for those affected by Harvey and Irma. Hang in there! 


Tesla is awesome! Converts Florida 60kW cars to 75kW with an over the air update to add range.
Read more at Electrek

It's Drive Electric Week. Find an event near you and learn (or teach) more about EV driving. 
Find an Event

China is banning fossil fuel cars. No timeline yet but that's huge news!
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Tesla opens a big new gallery in the Detroit suburbs while in the midst of a lawsuit against the state. 
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Uber is moving toward an all-electric fleet in London. Incentives for drivers and by 2019 ALL new UberX cars must be electric. 
Read more at Electrek

Nissan held a big event this week to launch the 2018 Leaf. A lot of changes, including 40% more range. 
Read more at Engadget

Tip of the Week

For owners returning to Florida Facebook is a great networking resource. Check on the status of SuperChargers, wait times and more. Check to see if your state has a Facebook group. Some do and they are small but Florida has over 700 members. Safe travels! 
Florida Tesla Group


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