Plug Your Ride Tesla Podcast

Episode 32 - Urban Charging

August 14, 2017

Urban Chargers are coming!
Read more at Teslarati

Will that $7,500 tax credit still be available when your Model 3 arrives? No one knows for sure. Read more at Electrek

Hardware 2.5? We don't even have 2.0 fully functional yet!
Read more at Electrek

Some exciting news about the semi truck. Autonomous and MAYBE makes its own convoy! 
Read more at Reuters

Jesus Michigan. Let it go. Ford is so 20th century. Let's not protect those guys by impeding progress!
Read more at Green Car Reports

Tip of the Week

Favorites Radio is pretty stinking cool. Every time you make a channel on Slacker and thumbs up a song it helps your Favorites get smarter. If you have a wide range of musical tastes you'll love it. It mixes up your classic rock favorites with your pop favorites with your country favorites for a MY favorites station. 

To access it, select STREAMING and it is the first channel in your favorites. Enjoy!


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