Plug Your Ride Tesla Podcast

Episode 31 - Tasty Burger

August 7, 2017

Q2 report sends TSLA stock through the roof! 
Read more at Forbes

Elon says he may have egg on his face with his promise to make an autonomous LA to NY trip before the end of 2017. 
Read more at Yahoo Finance

Will Model 3 be spying on the driver? Photos show a cam above the rear view mirror. Tesla confirms. 
Read more at Elecktrek

Elon says people are cancelling Model 3 orders because it's like an hour and a half wait for a hamburger. 
Read more at Business Insider

New hypermiling record breaks 1,000 km on a single charge!
Read more at Electrek

Tesla has dropped the price of the base Model X by $3,000! GO BUY ONE! 
Read more at The Verge

Tip of the Week

Buying a Model S or Model X? Use a friend's referral code! It saves you $1,000, you get FREE Supercharging and your friend gets some great Tesla merchandise. 

You don't have any friends with a Tesla? Come on, we're friends! 
MY referral code? Thought you'd never ask! 


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