Plug Your Ride Tesla Podcast

Episode 29 - Vegan Butt

July 24, 2017

Had a chance to meet a lot of local Tesla owners at a VIP party for the grand opening of the new Cherry Creek Mall showroom. If you get an invite for a Tesla event in your area... GO! Tesla people rock. And the catering is amazing, as you would expect!


Tesla has made some changes to the Premium Package for Model S and Model X. The lighting upgrade and air suspension are now standard equipment. But, if you're a fan of rich Corinthian leather you'll be disappointed.


There are NO options for a leather interior! So, vegans rejoice.
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Elon says TSLA stock is overpriced. It promptly dropped.
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Chevy Bolt is not flying out of showrooms. Less than 1,700 of the "Tesla Killers" sold in June. A far cry from the 400,000 people who put down a deposit on Model 3.
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Faraday Future may not be "dead yet." They made a big hire from BMW as CTO.
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Tip of the Week

Photo credit: Jim Roger Johansen / Facebook

Photo credit: Jim Roger Johansen / Facebook

How about camping in your Tesla? With the rear seats folded down an air mattress fits perfectly. And you can keep the air conditioning (or heating) on all night long with minimal battery hit. There's an iOS app that will check the HVAC every two minutes and make sure it stays on, up to 24 hours. Check the thread at Facebook. 


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