Plug Your Ride Tesla Podcast

Episode 28 - A Snobby Car?

July 17, 2017

Met a guy at brunch today and his wife thinks Tesla is a "snobby person's car." And she drives a Mercedes! Whaaaa? 


The driver of a Tesla that was involved in a rollover crash this weekend says he engaged Autopilot and the car accelerated, causing the crash. A lot of holes in the story so it will be interesting to see the car's logs if Tesla releases them.
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Elon says it's unlikely Model 3 will ever have a solar roof. Way too complicated for very little additional range.
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I have said it before... Faraday Future will never produce a car. This week they cancelled construction on their massive North Las Vegas plant. Tesla Killer... lol
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Meanwhile, on the road to Vegas, Tesla is planning to build a 40 stall Supercharger between LA and Sin City. 
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My favorite headline of the week - Tesla Will Rule The World
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Tip of the Week

Nav sending you on a 20 hour trip that should take an hour and a half? Maybe it's just trying to save you a few quarters


Make sure "Avoid Toll Roads" is not checked and have it re-route. It may just be planning a route that doesn't take toll roads... which may be tough if all the bridges into Canada are toll roads! 


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