Plug Your Ride Tesla Podcast

Episode 25 - Here Kitty Kitty

June 19, 2017

How in the heck did a kitten get in the bumper of a Tesla? 


Model S is the safest SUV you can buy. 5-star ratings in EVERY category of NHTSA safety tests! Read more at Elecktrek

Some interesting rumors regarding Model 3 from someone who claims to have an "insider" at Tesla.
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That $7,500 tax credit could be going away soon as Tesla creeps up on 200,000 vehicles sold. Projections show it reducing, then going away, by Q1 of next year.
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Free Supercharging on new purchases ends at the end of the year according to a note sent out by Tesla this week.
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Hyundai's new EV could have a higher range than Model 3. What?!? NEVER!
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Tesla wins a battle and will be able to sell cars in Arizona. Also, more dirt to come in the battle with Michigan. THEY won't go quietly! 
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Tip of the Week

Charger etiquette

If you're using a slow (Level 2) charger and don't need the charge to get to your destination (topping off), leave a note on your dash with your cell number. That way if someone who needs to charge is waiting you won't have to worry. 

When using a Supercharger, note that the A and B units for each number share the charge. So if someone is using 1A, don't plug in to 1B if other stalls are open. You'll both charge faster if you are the only one on that number. If they're busy all bets are off. But why slow each other down if you don't have to? 

Visual aid. Leave some space 

Visual aid. Leave some space 


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