Plug Your Ride Tesla Podcast

Episode 19 - Buy Low

May 8, 2017

Another week with big Tesla news as the stock tumbles on poor financial news for Q1. What happened to being more valuable than Ford two weeks ago?? Fickle market!


An update started pushing over the weekend. Finally has HW2 cars almost at par performance with HW1 and a 90 mph limit for Autosteer on the highway. 
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Will you let Tesla look at your camera video to improve self-driving? Why not! Nothing to see here folks!
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On his earnings call Elon Musk announced that the Model Y crossover would be an entirely new platform, which will cost more. But it will be different! WOOT! But we've got til 2020 to pay for it, right? 
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IF you charge predominantly at Superchargers or using Chademo DC fast charging you may find your charge throttling. It's built in to protect your battery. Tesla says only 1% of drivers will ever be affected. This guy has charged almost 300 times at SC and Chademo! 
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However, new tech could almost eliminate charge loss. How about 95% capacity after 300,000 miles?!? It could happen if Tesla switches to the same battery type they are using for Powerwall. 
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Wonder how a Model 3 is gonna feel size-wise? Check this chart from Auto X.  

More corrupt auto dealer group shenanigans in STUPID CONNECTICUT. Yup, another state that won't let Tesla participate in the free enterprise system. But these clowns actually paid people to go in and try to buy Teslas so they could narc on them! Seriously?? Maybe why not spend time trying to make a decent competitor rather than rely on your crooked oil-financed government to level the playing field!?
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Tip of the Week

OK, not something you'll use often but... be careful when parking near radio station and TV transmitters. Apparently the high wattage RF interferes with the car's systems and you may not be able to unlock the doors! Some interesting stories here...


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