Plug Your Ride Tesla Podcast

Episode 18 - Elon Talks

May 1, 2017

Elon Musk does a 40 minute TED Talk and covers it all... sleeping while you drive, the Tesla semi truck and boring tunnels under LA! 


Here is the entire TED Talk. Enjoy! 

Am I the only one that thinks this is COOL AS HELL?

HW2 owners should be getting an update if they haven't. Adds Automatic Emergency Braking. 
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I LOVE the look of the Model 3. I WANT ONE!!!

Sighted a @teslamotors #model3 during a late night supercharger stop in Cincinnati. Didn't think I would get to see this car in person for at least 6 mos or more... a rare treat! Geeked out and finally started recording but when I went to walk around the front of the vehicle they drove off.

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How cool is the Tesla SEMI?!?!

How cool is the Tesla semi!!

Tip of the Week

So, the power goes completely out. How do you get out of the car when the door latches are electrically operated??