Plug Your Ride Tesla Podcast

Episode 12 - Cold Coffee

March 18, 2017


Lucid Air - now accepting deposits

Lucid Air - now accepting deposits

Another cool competitor in the EV space as Lucid Air is announced to be priced at $60,000. First glance looks like it's very similar to the Model S but with more emphasis on luxury. They even say Tesla isn't their chief competitor... BMW, Mercedes and Audi are. 
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Tesla is all over the finance page, raising $1.2 billion this week.
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Tesla is discontinuing the Model S 60 and 60D on April 16th. That will make 75 kWh the entry level Model S and give a little breathing room between the top of the Model 3's and lower end of Model S.
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Want your Model X to look like a Bentley on the inside? Got $180,000?
Seriously... red? A little gaudy for me.
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Now THAT is a RED interior!

Now THAT is a RED interior!

Tip of the Week

A new trip planning website! You know I am a big fan of EV Trip Planner and this serves the same function. But it looks different and has some different features you may like. Check it out, it's free. 

A Better Route Planner