Plug Your Ride Tesla Podcast

Episode 11 - No ICE Please

March 11, 2017

I had a long road trip last week and decided to rent a car instead of putting the miles on my Tesla. The verdict: I love taking road trips... in my Tesla. The cost difference was about a wash but I did save about 6-8 hours in charging stops. And boy are those habits strong! Here's the scorecard:

  • Forgot to start the car before putting it in drive = 1

  • Left it running when leaving the vehicle = 4 times, once completely

  • Turned on wipers to put it in drive = 3

  • Forgot to lock the car when exiting = EVERY time!


New video is out showing a Tesla Model 3 on the test track. 
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Autopilot 2.0 gets a small speed-limit bump. 
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Many Tesla owners have experiences months long delays when their cars in the body shop. Tesla promises that will change and the will even monitor the progress and fire their-party body shops that are causing long delays. 
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Tesla is looking at opening stores and repair centers in Russia this year. 
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Luxury car maker Bentley shows off a new high-end all-electric vehicle at the Geneva Motor Show. And it is HOT!
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Tip Of The Week

A user on Tesla Motor Club forum asked about keeping his leather seats clean. The best auto care products I have found are from the Zaino Brothers. From exterior polishes and tire treatments to leather cleaner and conditioner, their products really are fantastic. 

Check out Zaino here