Plug Your Ride Tesla Podcast

Episode 141: Happy Birthday Roxanne

One year with the Model 3 and I love it. Want FSD? Buy now before the price goes up a grand. 

Episode 140: Now Available on Spotify!

Living with v10 for a week. Some pretty cool stuff!

Episode 139: Netflix & Chill In The Driveway

V10 is in wide release and Smart Summon is crashing cars! Weeeeee

Episode 138: Hold That Incentive!

Quarter-end incentives change after being abused, Tesla is hiring and BIG news from Daimler

Episode 137: v10 in Early Release

A TON of new features coming in v10, I got rained on anyway, and Teslas don't crash enough.

Episode 136: Three Words

When will V10 be here? Elon's three word answer (pretty much always the same)

Episode 135: A Tale of Two Riders

A road trip this weekend got two (or 8) very different opinions, Model 3 is PETA approved and Advanced Summon is pretty awesome

So, how did Autopilot handle this highway??


Check out my new Tesla-loving buddies and their music:

Episode 134: It’s A Flesh Wound!

Why aren't the Tesla killers killing, Jag's new EV looks killer inside and Sentry Mode nabs a thief

Episode 133: $3K Off a New Jag! No wait…

Jag reneges on its rebate for Tesla owners, Spotify coming to US (maybe) and Tesla's service woes cost them millions

Episode 132: Busy Legal Dept

A scolding from NHTSA, a class-action lawsuit and a BIG bill for idle fees! 

See the NHTSA letter and Tesla's response here