Plug Your Ride Tesla Podcast

Episode 89: Model 3 Delivery… NOT!

Surprise! Eddie's Model 3 delivery was delayed two weeks. Also Elon settles with the SEC. 

Software Version 9 is rolling out and it is a BIG update! Electrek has the full rundown here

Check out the footage from the new v9 dashcam! 

Tip of the Week

Here's a great checklist to use when picking up your Model 3. 

Episode 88: Model 3 Delivery Week

Eddie's new Model 3 arrives this week! With the Q3 rush Tesla is allowing volunteers to assist with new deliveries. 

Episode 87: Model 3 Stolen

The first Model 3 stolen by using the app, red's gonna cost you more and Tesla unlocks range for hurricane victims.

Episode 86: He Didn’t Inhale!

TSLA stock tumbles after Elon takes a hit on a podcast, Model 3 sales surpass ALL BMW sales and Eddie got a delivery date for his Model 3.


Tip of the Week

If you don't own a Tesla yet you may not know this. Your car comes with a charger. You don't HAVE to buy a wall charger. You can use the Mobile Charger that comes with your car. 

Episode 85: Flying Teslas

Tesla just crossed the 80,000 car mark with Model 3, start your car with a PIN, and Darwin misses one.

Tip of the Week