Plug Your Ride Tesla Podcast

Episode 84: Public Tesla

Tesla will stay a public company, what is it with crashing into fire trucks and Jay Leno's Roadster Ride


Tip of the Week

No AM in the Tesla? Maybe that station is available as an HD channel on another station in that city. For example, in LA, KNX is on the HD2 channel of KRTH. Press some buttons... try it out! 

Episode 83: Elon Needs A Mai Tai

A New York Times interview reveals an exhausted emotional Elon Musk.

Also, could a $25,000 Tesla be on the (distant) horizon? 

Tesla faces off with Jaguar! Watch The Video Here

Tip of the Week

Episode 82: Elon Needs A Tweet Timeout

Elon's tweets causing problems again, fun EV sounds and the return of Go Frunk Yourself!

Tip of the Week 

A handy chart for new Tesla owners

Episode 81: Prepare To Qualify!

Atari classic games are coming to your center screen. Autopilot 3.0 coming next year. 

Some cool concepts for future Teslas here - instagram the_tesla_enthusaist

Tip of the Week

Maybe a duh tip, but if you want to quickly navigate to Home or Work just touch the Navigate> button on your map and drag it either to the right or down and it will pop up the location!