Plug Your Ride Tesla Podcast

Episode 80: Road Trippin’

Trip report from a run down to Durango and Model S and X are getting an interior makeover. 

Tip Of The Week 

Some good Elon talk in this video

Episode 79: Good Week For Model 3

A glowing review for Model 3 Performance, a consultant reverses and says Model 3 will be profitable and some X and S premium options are now standard.


Tip Of The Week

Hat tip to Tim at Drive Electric Dayton who tells us he tried everything to remove sunblock from his seats. And the winning solution was Fantastik! Yup, the multi-purpose cleaner you probably have under your kitchen sink right now! 

Episode 78: EDDIE BOUGHT A 3!

This week Tesla opened up Model 3 orders to everyone and started offering all wheel drive. Eddie took the bait and ordered one! 

Check out the dramatic photos from a Model 3 rollover accident

Tip of the Week 

Justin tried the E-Cloth for window cleaning on his trip. He was really happy with the results! 

Check them out here

Episode 77: Justin’s First Roadtrip

Justin racked up over 1500 miles in his Model X last week. We'll get his thoughts. And Summon is now available in the Model 3. 


Episode 76: Factory Tour!

Trip report from our Tesla Factory tour, 5000 Model 3 in a week and Happy 4th road tripping! 

Tip of the Week

Take the factory tour! Email