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Episode 72: 600 Miles On One Charge

We have the first interview with Sean Mitchell, one of the guys who drove a Model 3 over 600 miles on one charge. He explains what hypermiling is, why they didn't get the full battery capacity and why the car wouldn't charge after they ran it completely down. 


Here are the live stream videos. WARNING: it's two guys driving for 32 hours. LOL. Jump to the third one to watch Sean take a nap. Go to 6:47:00 in the 4th video to see the finale. 

Tip of the Week

Road tripping is so fun in a Tesla. See the USA this summer! Here's a great article from USA Today with some cool, pre-planned road trips for you. 

Yes, You Can Take Electric Cars On Road Trips

Episode 71: 3 Day Weekend

Happy Memorial Day! If you're road tripping this weekend travel safe! 

The cool Model 3 wheels shown at the reveal will become available later this year as an accessory. 


Tip of the Week

Before you head out on a road trip download the ChargePoint and PlugShare apps! Don't want to find yourself somewhere with no juice!

Episode 70: Model 3D… P?

An Elon Musk tweetstorm tells us all we need to know about all wheel drive and performance Model 3. 

Think you can tip over a Model X? Not likely! 


Here's that Motor Trend article we talked about. Good, balanced look at the EV competition.


Tip of the Week

Wanna really clean your brake pedal? It comes off. Take it in the house and show it some love!

Episode 69: Model 3, eh?

Congrats to the first Canadians getting a Model 3! 

Tip of the Week 

A great weekly Tesla newsletter. Good, curated content! 

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Episode 68: Q1 Earnings Call

Here's the full audio of the Tesla Q1 Earnings Call. Kinda fun to hear Elon come unhinged. 


Here's the video of the Model 3 teardown. It's long, but if you have the time there's some good info here. 


Tip of the Week

If you're looking for a solution for attaching a tablet to the seat backs this may work for you

For you Facebook haters, here's the Amazon link -