Plug Your Ride Tesla Podcast

Episode 67: Walk Out Of That Meeting

The Tesla referral program continues for another quarter. Pretty much the same rewards. 

Elon sends an all staff memo and it is quite interesting

Tesla is the top selling luxury car in the US

Tesla gets a failing grade from the BBB

Tip of the Week

DON'T count on the app to start your car! Always carry the fob in case you lose service or the server goes down. 

Episode 66 - Model 3 Delivery

SO excited that Gretchen & Bob let me tag along for their Model 3 delivery!! It was so awesome. I have a full report on this episode. 

Elon was featured on CBS This Morning. It was a great profile. Here's the video...

Tip of the Week

The top 5 apps you need as a Tesla owner

Episode 65 - Model 3 Top Selling EV!

In the March results more Model 3 were sold than ANY OTHER EV! #2 was Model S and #3 was Model X! A sweep for Tesla! 

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Tip of the Week

How do you get a darn Model 3 into neutral?? It's not as simple as you'd think. 

Check out our tip here

Episode 64 - Gloom and Doom

Wow, what a week for Tesla. Autopilot criticism from the fatal crash, the largest recall in the company's history, tumbling stock price and Elon announced the company is bankrupt! Actually "bankwupt." And that one was on April Fool's Day. Good to see he still has his sense of humor! 

Justin Riley joins as a permanent co-host. Welcome Justin! You can reach him at

Here's that video with one possible explanation for why Autopilot crashed into the median

And here's a video showing off the new look of the navigation system

Tip of the Week

Just a silly Easter egg... since it's Easter. Want to find the meaning of life? Rename your car "42" and check out its new name. Yes, Elon loves Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy!