Plug Your Ride Tesla Podcast

Episode 63 - Delivery!

My buddy Justin got his Model X! We get his thoughts on the delivery process and a few glitches he's already had with the car. 

Wired had a couple of days with a Model 3 and they loved it! Read the story here

Road & Track got a Model X P100D to drive during the latest winter storm. They loved it! Read the story here

Tip of the Week

Manage your expectations on Tesla delivery day. There are a lot of moving pieces and tech you don't have in a normal car. Be prepared to return to the Service Center soon if you have issues (like no wifi!) 

Episode 62 - X-less in Seattle

Came to Seattle for my friend Justin's Model X delivey. That didn't work out as planned. 

Cadillac threw some shade at Tesla in their commercial for their cruise control. 

A lot of reports of the latest update making Autopilot MUCH better. Check out the videos here

Tip of the Week

Taking deliver of a new Tesla? Download a checklist and make sure you don't miss anything!

Model X Checklist

Model 3 Checklist

Model S Checklist



Episode 61 - Divine Intervention

So I found out while texting while driving (don't do that!) that my non-AP Model S WILL steer to avoid an accident! 

Episode 60 - Eyes On Geneva

Lots to look forward to at this week's Geneva Auto Show, including pricing for the new Jaguar EV! 

Tip of the Week

Wireless charging for your Model 3 (X and S coming soon!)

Tesla Wireless Pad