Plug Your Ride Tesla Podcast

Episode 2 - Holiday Road (Trip)

This week we go home for the holidays. An 1,855 mile road trip. 17 Superchargers. We talk about trip planning resources and making it to the next charger. 


Incredible video out this week shows how a Model X thinks ahead and avoids a serious accident. Very dramatic!

New software update adds some new features:

  • Maps now shows amenities for Superchargers - Lodging, Food, Shopping, Wi-Fi
  • Driver Profiles may now be attached to key fobs. Multiple drivers will have seat and steering wheel adjusted as they enter the car with their fob
  • Graphic EQ adds 2 levels to make it 5 band. NOTE: it will reset your audio to flat so you'll need to adjust the first time after the update 
  • Easter Eggs for Model X and Model S

Tesla announced they may start charging a fee for drivers who park at Superchargers after they are fully charged.

Tip Of The Week

The BEST Tesla trip planning site on the web!

Epsiode 1 - Hello

This is the premiere episode of Plug Your Ride. Nice to meet you!

Do you socialize with other Tesla drivers while SuperCharging? Share your story! 


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Tesla To Double Size Of Fremont Factory

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Tip of the Week

The interior lighting in Teslas is horrible! Tiny, dim lights and not enough in the trunk space. Here's an inexpensive solution that will have you seeing better in the dark after a quick do-it-yourself upgrade.