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Episode 17 - Hello Santa Fe


Road trippin' to Albuquerque this weekend. Met some new friends in Santa Fe and got to break in the new Supercharger there! 

The good news... getting back home is another Tesla road trip!



Tesla's second-biggest recall affects 53,000 drivers. An emergency brake issue (not affecting safety) affects Model S and Model X manufactured between February and October 2016. 
See the recall from Tesla

Tesla lowers the prices on the cheapest models and jack them up a little on the high end. I mean, if you're dropping over $140K what's a few more bucks? 
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Tesla has settled a lawsuit with a former Autopilot employee over his new self-driving startup.. 
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A lawsuit against Tesla complains that Autopilot is lacking features and is not operating as advertised. Also, are we headed for a Supercharger Apocalypse?? 
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Tip of the Week

Tesla is discontinuing the body color roof. The standard will now be an all-glass roof with an optional panoramic glass sunroof. 

Downside of the sunroof? No sunshade. Most sunroofs have a solid panel that slides into place for shade. Not Tesla. Enjoy the sunshine!

EV Annex has custom made a shade for the Model S pano roof. It's $129 and, like all their custom stuff, looks great.

Check it out at

Episode 16 - El Camino



Tesla will reveal the final production Model 3 in July. Elon announced it with a one-word tweet this week. 

@gucci_mau July

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) April 13, 2017

Also the semi truck unveil set for September and a pickup truck announcement in 18-24 months. 

@NoahMagel Pickup truck unveil in 18 to 24 months

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) April 13, 2017

Need to sell your Model S? Good news. It will sell faster and for more than a comparable Audi, BMW or Benz!
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“When It Comes to Tech, Lucid Motors Seems to Have Tesla Beat”
Well from what I'm seeing that statement IS true. (come on, would CarPlay kill you?) 
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Texas forbids Tesla from selling in state but that isn't stopping them from opening at 13,000 square foot "educational hub" in San Antonio. 
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Tip of the Week

Listen to Plug Your Ride in your Tesla. 

The show is available on TuneIn. Just search "Plug Your Ride" and select Podcasts. Once you find it, touch the heart to make it a favorite. Then you can listen to Tesla stuff while you drive in your Tesla! 

Episode 15 - Easter Basket


Software Update 8.1 pushed this week to the cars that didn't get it last week. We look at the features added in addition to the Autopilot upgrades. And, yes, we all get the Sketch Pad Easter egg!


Speaking of Easter eggs...

Feature coming soon that allows one touch access to all discovered Tesla Easter eggs

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) April 7, 2017

How much cable do you need to build a whole bunch of Model 3s? Start with 1,800 miles worth! Tesla placed the $5.4M order this week. Hopefully that means they are on track for production starting in July! 
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Six reasons to buy Tesla stock right now... 
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Overused headline of the decade... This Electric Vehicle Startup Could Become the Next Tesla. A new EV concept car is announced at SXSW. For 2020 delivery. Anyone wanna whether they'll have a business by 2020? 
You won't believe what happened next... at Futurism

Utah lawmakers cave to the pressure of the "Big Car Cartel" as the Supreme Court upholds a ban preventing Tesla sales in the state. So much for that 5 MILLION DOLLAR showroom in SLC. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. 
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Tip Of The Week

Did you know you can get a Slacker Premium account and link it to your Tesla? While arguably the worst of all the available streaming services, it IS the one in your dash. Tesla pays for the $3.99 Plus membership that allows you to have unlimited skips commercial-free and listen to most songs on-demand. But Premium allows you to listen to full albums and build your own playlists, instead of the Pandora-like stations Slacker builds for you. 


After you upgrade at press STREAMING on your entertainment screen and scroll down to the bottom where there is a button to log in with your own account. 

Same deal with TuneIn. For $7.99 a month you can add audiobooks plus MLB and NFL play-by-play and commercial-free music. I don't use TuneIn for music. I mainly use it to listen to radio stations in other cities. Which is included in the free tier. But if you're a sports fan or like audiobooks you may want to check it out. 


Episode 14 - Farting Unicorn


Do you offer to let friends drive your car when they visit? 

Do they accept? It seems like a lot of people are afraid to drive it. Too expensive? Afraid they'll break it? Or want it??

Country star Chase Bryant always says yes!


Software Update 8.1 is being pushed to HW2 vehicles this week. Improved autopilot but the browser still sucks.  
Read more at Fortune

BUT... you DO get a sketch pad in the display now! 

@elonmusk i love this 😂😂

— LIAM BOLLING ™ (@liambolling) March 30, 2017

Autopilot rear ends a motorcycle cop. OOPS!
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Tesla market cap has surpassed Ford Motor Company! WHAAAAAAT?
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Faraday Future has canceled plans for their second factory. 
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Elon Musk tweets that more details on the crossover Model Y are coming next week.
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Tip Of The Week


This may be a "duh tip" but do you know how to reboot the displays in your car?

To restart the Main (big) display: hold down both scroll wheel buttons on steering wheel until the screen goes blank and restarts

To restart Driver display: hold down both TOP buttons on steering wheel until the screen goes blank and restarts