Plug Your Ride Tesla Podcast

Episode 99: Angry Jerking


Update 46.2 has AP driving like a drunken sailor, some Europeans get to order Model 3

If you're smarter than us this should be some light reading...


Episode 98: OPEN MY DOOR!


The $800 phone still won't open the car. And congrats to Tesla on 1,000 Model 3 in a day

Episode 97: Bluetooth Blues Gone


Upgrading the iPhone DOES make a difference and still time to get that $7500 credit

Episode 96: Happy Thanksgiving


Some tips for holiday road trips and no more free Supercharging

Great article about Model 3 here 

Episode 95: Buttock Flesh


We figure out why the phone isn't unlocking the car. Also Tessa goes bye bye.

Episode 94: AP on Sale


Elon is nothing. Autopilot is on sale. BUY NOW

Episode 93: Halloween Treats


An update to v9 brings Nav on Autopilot and now you can put your rearview cam up top again. 

18 Nasty Charts


Episode 92: S vs 3


After a week how does Model 3 compare to Model S? Eddie had a necessary road trip in the S today.

Episode 91: Model 3 Delivery


Eddie Gets His Model 3! But not without some drama...

Episode 90: Maybe This Week??


Eddie's Model 3 delivery is scheduled for this Friday! Anticipation. Or canceled again? Plus Version 9 hits cars... without AP on Nav