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Episode 66 - Model 3 Delivery


SO excited that Gretchen & Bob let me tag along for their Model 3 delivery!! It was so awesome. I have a full report on this episode. 

Elon was featured on CBS This Morning. It was a great profile. Here's the video...

Tip of the Week

The top 5 apps you need as a Tesla owner

Episode 65 - Model 3 Top Selling EV!


In the March results more Model 3 were sold than ANY OTHER EV! #2 was Model S and #3 was Model X! A sweep for Tesla! 

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Tip of the Week

How do you get a darn Model 3 into neutral?? It's not as simple as you'd think. 

Check out our tip here

Episode 64 - Gloom and Doom


Wow, what a week for Tesla. Autopilot criticism from the fatal crash, the largest recall in the company's history, tumbling stock price and Elon announced the company is bankrupt! Actually "bankwupt." And that one was on April Fool's Day. Good to see he still has his sense of humor! 

Justin Riley joins as a permanent co-host. Welcome Justin! You can reach him at

Here's that video with one possible explanation for why Autopilot crashed into the median

And here's a video showing off the new look of the navigation system

Tip of the Week

Just a silly Easter egg... since it's Easter. Want to find the meaning of life? Rename your car "42" and check out its new name. Yes, Elon loves Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy!

Episode 63 - Delivery!


My buddy Justin got his Model X! We get his thoughts on the delivery process and a few glitches he's already had with the car. 

Wired had a couple of days with a Model 3 and they loved it! Read the story here

Road & Track got a Model X P100D to drive during the latest winter storm. They loved it! Read the story here

Tip of the Week

Manage your expectations on Tesla delivery day. There are a lot of moving pieces and tech you don't have in a normal car. Be prepared to return to the Service Center soon if you have issues (like no wifi!) 

Episode 62 - X-less in Seattle


Came to Seattle for my friend Justin's Model X delivey. That didn't work out as planned. 

Cadillac threw some shade at Tesla in their commercial for their cruise control. 

A lot of reports of the latest update making Autopilot MUCH better. Check out the videos here

Tip of the Week

Taking deliver of a new Tesla? Download a checklist and make sure you don't miss anything!

Model X Checklist

Model 3 Checklist

Model S Checklist



Episode 61 - Divine Intervention


So I found out while texting while driving (don't do that!) that my non-AP Model S WILL steer to avoid an accident! 

Episode 60 - Eyes On Geneva


Lots to look forward to at this week's Geneva Auto Show, including pricing for the new Jaguar EV! 

Tip of the Week

Wireless charging for your Model 3 (X and S coming soon!)

Tesla Wireless Pad

Episode 59 - Take That Mercedes!


THANK YOU to my first-week Patrons! I really appreciate your support


Tesla is opening up Model 3 orders to non-employees

Big delays with Model X and Model S orders

Is a mini-Model 3 the "something special" for early orders? 

Tesla is beating Mercedes, BMW and Audi in European sales for the first time

Tesla introduced its Workplace Charger program. Want to get one at your work? Sign up here

DHL says the Tesla Semi may save them even more money than promised

Tip of the Week

CHARGE UP before you leave that car at the airport for three weeks! 

Episode 58 - How Many Model 3s?


We launched a Patreon campaign for this podcast this week. If you enjoy the show and would like to help with our production and hosting costs please do so here. THANK YOU! 


A horrific Model 3 crash and minimal injuries. The owner praises how safe these cars are. Check out the photos here

Want to see where Spaceman and the Roadster are in space? Check out this cool website


Tip of the Week

How many Model 3s are being made each week? No one knows for sure but Bloomberg has been doing the research and has put together a great page for updates. 

See Bloomberg's Model 3 Tracker here

Episode 57 - Roadster Launched!


Did you see the Falcon Heavy launch? Whoa! And those rockets landing? INSANE!


The Tesla app has been updated to add features like warming up the car and defrosting while you stay toasty in the house. Update yours now!

Remember that LA to NY trip where the Tesla would completely drive itself? Elon says it could be happening sooner than later with new data collected for Enhanced Autopilot.

Tesla is now using Mobile Service vehicles for 30% of its service calls. This will help as more Model 3 hit the road and will also help Tesla expand further from their existing Service Centers.

Tesla is coming to Home Depot! Starting in the first half of this year they'll have Tesla employees selling Powerwall and solar panels in the stores.

Model Y could be coming in March 2020, according to suppliers who have been asked for quotes. The crossover will make the lineup sexier, completing the S-3-X-Y line.

Tip of the Week

US Congress has retroactively reinstated some tax credits, including one for building EV charger infrastructure. You can claim 30% of the cost (up to $1000) if you installed a home charger during 2017. The credit had expired at the end of 2016 but is now available for installs made in 2017.